Transmedia Tools



This is a list of clever applications for digital storytelling production:

via April Arrg


For Video: Tag your videos with other media. Plugins available for YouTube. Tag media inside your photos. enables tips or donations through your media player. create animated videos withe ease. find clips of anything online. create 15 sec video status updates. Handy for creating quick spreadable content. offers video analytics through its video player. Partners include YouTube and Brightcove. online video platform that focuses on giving exposure to independent films online, while enabling them to earn revenue. create your own videosite


For Audio: Records voice in pictures. share voice messages at the places you visit. (Check in w/foursquare and leave vm) create and spread traceable audio content from any recording device


This section will focus on more interactive applications and web tools that you will find helpful when running a Transmedia Experience. I will divide this section in categories pending on what you need done.

Curated by April Arrg


First of all, do you know how Transmedia Corrupted you are?

This questionnaire was done by true Transmedia Professionals. If you are new to the Transmedia landscape, this is a great way to get you started and measure your awareness in regards to Transmedia culture and methodology.


Synchronizing Actions & Tasks:

OK, so you are moving forward with a project. These services are going to save your life:

  • this service is very comprehensive and things are easier to set up.
  • Robert Pratten’s Conducttr tool works for the same purpose, but there is a learning curve to use it. Use for more advance purposes.
  • upload, manage, and index your digital assets for multiple co-existing user scenarios.


For more specific actions and tasks check these:


Tools to map out your experience:

These might be useful as to allow your audience to track the story thread across multiple-platforms. These services can also be used in an original way bycharacters within the context of a story to release expository content.




Sharedstoryworlds Resources:

If you are taking your project to the next level as a shared storyworld then check these:


Business Resources:

Looking into pitching and monetizing, check these:


There are many services out there for different purposes. Find the one that is right for you:

via April Arrg


Services: tracks social media data tracks real time social media data analytics for social media monitors brand analytics monitors real time analytics custom-based analytic software monitors site statistics comprehensive tracking and research tool. real time social search tracking inbound marketing analytics. customizable metric dashboards customizable metric dashboards democratized social analytics analyzes engagement around brand & TV analytics for social video


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