Why So Serious? – An Overview of 42 Entertainment’s Viral Campaign

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An Overview of 42 Entertainment’s Why So Serious?

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Transmedia related talks from around the web, educating and informing.


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Introduction to Transmedia (http://goo.gl/276vw)



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Jeff Gomez (http://goo.gl/q4FSx)

Dan Hon (http://goo.gl/zrxyV)

Lance Weiler (http://goo.gl/kamJ9)

Andrea Phillips (http://goo.gl/a7WhE)




TEDxTransmedia (http://goo.gl/lqinX)

Power to the Pixel (http://goo.gl/MZ8BT)

Futures of Enterteinment 3 (http://goo.gl/aEXo3)

Futures of Enterteinment 4 (http://goo.gl/CyQEJ)

Futures of Enterteinment 5 (http://goo.gl/WbLtt)


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Whenabouts Turns “Modern Antiques” into a Transmedia Adventure for Curious Kids

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Floppy disks, VCRs, telegrams, crates, and even snail-mail become puzzle pieces in a new hybrid book / subscription / game experience.


Montreal, Canada (PRWEB) September 04, 2012


Warm Ventures Inc. announces the launch of Whenabouts, an immersive exploration story for curious tweens (8-13) and their kid-at-heart parents.

Part book, part subscription, part game, part video series, Whenabouts unfolds over the course of half a year, delivered by way of 12 tangible mailings (yes, snail mail!) and 12 corresponding digital experiences.

Parents provide the key surprise to their kids: an unlabelled wooden crate and its mysterious contents, a care-worn journal filled with technical drawings, diary entries, symbology, maps, and an astonishing – but obviously incomplete – manuscript. Kids assume the role of a modern mystery hunter, assisting teenaged twins Marie-Anne and CJ Cartier in their accidental quest back through time. Along the way, the twins receive and unpuzzle a series of historical “date posts”, markers that arrive in the mail – each one conveying the communications methods of decades and centuries past: diskettes, VHS, records, telegrams, hand-written letters, and more….

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Floating City

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A trading and set-collection game, in which the sets you were collecting were items from Thomas Dolby songs. Players were assigned to one of nine tribes on signup, and had to work their way to the North Pole through trading those items. Collecting all of the items associated with a particular song would give you a free download of that song.

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