Hey everyone,

as you may have noticed, I don’t know much about web design or even about writing.

After some failed attempts at Engineering in College, in the south, not so warm part of Brazil, I dropped everything and decided to give my life a 180° turn. I moved to the northern, very very warm and sunny part of Brazil, and started my new major attempt in Cinema and Audiovisual at Federal Univeristy of Ceára.

Since a was kid growing up in small Brazilian college town, I’ve been involved with RPG’s such as D&D and Magic the Gathering, and computer RPG’s like Warcraft II and III.

Games have always been a HUGE part of my life and their narratives have been as important to me as of any movie, comic or book. I knew that what I wanted from media studies was to produce something that united games and movies.

No so long ago I was introduced to the concept of transmedia by a brilliant professor of mine who assigned Prof. Henry Jenkins‘s book Convergence Culture as an introduction to the subject.

I’ve been devoted to transmedia ever since.

I run some online curations on the subject at Scoop.it, if you want to check them out. And I’ll try to keep this page updated with all the transmedia goodies I find around the web.

Please, if you have any comments let me know (especially if I screw something up). And every help with web design, writing, curation… is very welcome. And if you need help with any project, I’d be more than glad to help.

See ya!


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