Whenabouts Turns “Modern Antiques” into a Transmedia Adventure for Curious Kids

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Floppy disks, VCRs, telegrams, crates, and even snail-mail become puzzle pieces in a new hybrid book / subscription / game experience.


Montreal, Canada (PRWEB) September 04, 2012


Warm Ventures Inc. announces the launch of Whenabouts, an immersive exploration story for curious tweens (8-13) and their kid-at-heart parents.

Part book, part subscription, part game, part video series, Whenabouts unfolds over the course of half a year, delivered by way of 12 tangible mailings (yes, snail mail!) and 12 corresponding digital experiences.

Parents provide the key surprise to their kids: an unlabelled wooden crate and its mysterious contents, a care-worn journal filled with technical drawings, diary entries, symbology, maps, and an astonishing – but obviously incomplete – manuscript. Kids assume the role of a modern mystery hunter, assisting teenaged twins Marie-Anne and CJ Cartier in their accidental quest back through time. Along the way, the twins receive and unpuzzle a series of historical “date posts”, markers that arrive in the mail – each one conveying the communications methods of decades and centuries past: diskettes, VHS, records, telegrams, hand-written letters, and more….

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